Founded in 2013, Madison Sports Group had a vision to modernise the traditional track cycling format of six day racing.


A format that was originally invented in 1878 in London, six day racing quickly rose in popularity to become the spectator sport of choice for the rich and famous of 1920s America. It was not uncommon to see the likes of Al Capone and Frank Sinatra enjoying the racing and mingling trackside with the riders.

Interest in the sport wained in the US as World War II took hold, yet the sport would not leave the country without adding its own little piece of history. The flagship event in six day racing, the Madison, where riders take turns to race, bringing his or her partner into the lap with a ‘hand-sling’, is named after the world-renowned Madison Square Gardens, New York. 

However, it was not until the 1950s that Europe's fascination with six day racing really hit its stride. Top racing talent such as Eddy Merckx and Patrick Sercu were attracted to this unique competition and were often seen flying around the velodromes of many European cities.

In 2015, 35 years since it was last raced in the capital, Madison Sports Group brought six day racing back to London with a revamped look and feel complete with a full lights show and DJ.

Working with the best global talent in the sport and entertainment industry, Six Day Series was established in 2016, bringing elite track cycling to fans all over the world in a series format - the first of its kind. Olympic and World Champions competing at our events is a regular sight including top names such as Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Laura Kenny.

Since 2015, we have promoted 110 days of racing over 22 Six Day events, reaching cities such Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Berlin, Copenhagen and London.

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